Karen Lloyd, a warm and collaborative Integrative Therapist.

I understand asking for help is never easy. That's why my warm and collaborative approach creates a safe, confidential space where you can share anything, without judgement.

As an Integrative Therapist in my 30s, I understand that everyone is different and needs support in different ways.

If you would like to reach out, I am happy to speak with you to get a sense of what is going on and see if I am the right counsellor for you.

I offer in-person counselling in Stockport, Greater Manchester or remotely through video call or telephone to wherever you are in the world.


Client Review

"Karen is very kind and reassuring, creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere. She puts you at ease and has a calming effect, so that it is easier to open up when you are ready to.
She is very professional, but also extremely personable... a bit like having a friend who can help you in areas where your friends cannot!
Thank you Karen, for easing my journey through a very difficult personal time... which was exacerbated by the worsening of my Mum's dementia. I felt so desperate and alone and you made it all more bearable, helping me to find my way through, and helping me to handle my inner issues and lows with fibromyalgia as well. Thank you so much."

Client Review

"I started seeing Karen after the loss of my baby a week before Christmas. Back then I was so overwhelmed with grief I was struggling to cope, and also feeling extreme guilt for how my grief was affecting the rest of my family.
I started to have weekly sessions with Karen, who allowed me to take things at my own pace and made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. She made me see that nothing I was feeling was bad or wrong.
She helped me with coping strategies and gave me tools to help myself along the way. I'm in a much better place now and although I will always grieve my little lost one, that grief is no longer overwhelming and consuming. Thank you Karen."


Integrative Therapist at Karen Lloyd Counselling & Psychotherapy

I have a calming therapy space at Labyrinth Business Centre in Stockport where we can meet face-to-face, or I can support anyone, anywhere online. After a free 15-minute consultation, my fee is £45 per session. I offer reduced fees depending on the circumstances.

Counselling Practitioner at Trafford Carers Centre

Trafford Carers Centre supports unpaid carers to improve their psychological, physical and social lives. My counselling service was an opportunity for individuals to express their experiences in a safe, supportive & confidential setting.

Integrative Therapist at Finding Rainbows

Finding Rainbows is a non-profit organisation that offers support to anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby, child or experienced early pregnancy loss. I provide one-to-one therapy for those experiencing difficulties due to loss, both online and in person.


Dip. Therapeutic Counselling

University Centre at Stockport College.

Counselling Skills Certificate

University Centre at Stockport College.


Registered Member of the BACP, British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Counselling Online

The Open University.

Communications (BA Hons) 2.1

Birmingham City University.

The Care Certificate

The Careskills Academy.


Person Centred Therapy

Helping you explore your own issues, feelings, behaviour, and worldview, so you can become more self-aware and achieve greater independence.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT provides the tools to address current problems and relieve the symptoms, before making links to your past and how your beliefs started.

Transactional Analysis

Exploring your personality and how this has been shaped by past experiences. Helping you develop strategies to find creative solutions and positive outcomes.

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